Residents in the typically tranquil and picturesque town of North Yarmouth, Maine, have been dealing with a crappy problem recently. Someone has been tossing soiled adult diapers on the side of several roads.

According to News Center Maine, they have been tossed on Rt. 9, Rt. 15 and Rt. 231, and this is not the first time this has happened. Apparently they had the same problem back in 2019 along the same roads.

Reports have flooded in from concerned citizens. The sight and smell of these items have not only been an eyesore, but also pose a significant health hazard for the community. This trend obviously has residents upset and has prompted authorities to launch an investigation into finding the responsible diaper bandit(s).

The motive remains unclear. My first thought is, "Why just diapers?" It's not completely uncommon for people to dispose of their trash illegally, so I can't help but think this may be a prank that someone actually thinks is funny. Not only is the humor not there, it's pretty gross and unsanitary. They also may be simply acting out of laziness without regard for the consequences.

According to, this level of littering carries a fine of not less than $500 and not more than $1,000, but may be modified accordingly by decision of the courts.

The diaper dumper is likely the same one from 2019, and police are determined to find those who are responsible. They ask that you call the Cumberland County Sherrif's Office anonymous tip line at: 207-893-2810 if you have any information.

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