A small coastal town just south of Portland is receiving some rather heavy accolades from a popular website.

A brand-new list has been published by the legends over at Stacker. The site utilized hosing data, education, cost of living, and other factors to determine the best town to live in in every state. The choice for Maine was Cape Elizabeth.

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Tucked between South Portland and Scarborough, Cape Elizabeth is a small coastal community with a hearty history. While it's easy to be swept away by the fantastic mansions and beautiful developments, Cape Elizabeth is much more than that.

The town is blue collar at its core, with a wonderful legacy. This includes a few major farms that continue to thrive, especially come strawberry season. Some of those farms can also be found at various local farmer's markets throughout the area.

Obviously being a coastal town, Cape Elizabeth has a rich fishing history. While not as prevalent as it used to be, there's still plenty of fishing families in the town that go back generations.

As the years went by though, Cape Elizabeth did what the majority of Portland's neighbors did – it became a city suburb. However, it's managed to keep that small-town feeling. The town's highlights are natural wonders and coastal gems, not town squares or chain stores.

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Portland Head Light, Two Lights, Kettle Cove, and Cresent Beach State Park are some of the most popular and beautiful spots in southern Maine, and can all be found in Cape Elizabeth. The town is also home to one of the best school systems in the entire state, making the town even more desirable.

Cape Elizabeth truly is a wonderful town, so it's not surprising to see it as Maine's number one choice on the Stacker list.

However, good luck trying to find somewhere to live. The housing market is always scarce due to the demand. And even if you do find a house, good luck trying to afford it. Cape is the 7th most expensive Maine community to live in, with a typical home value of over $630,000.

Hey, if you can manage it, you know it will be worth every penny.

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