I recently wrote an article to help spread the word to concert-goers about how to avoid concert ticket fee surcharges It reminded me of another unexpected place that you could go to purchase tickets in person without having to pay extra ticketing fees.

Based out of Massachusetts, Filene's Basement, formerly located at the Maine Mall, was a treasure trove at one time. Comparable to stores like JCPenney and T.J. Maxx, it was a place where shoppers could go to seek high-quality merchandise at discounted prices.

It was also one of the premiere places to go to purchase your....concert and event tickets? Yes, true story. In addition to an economical shopping day out with friends or the family, you could pick up a pair of tickets to an upcoming concert, Broadway show, or even passes to a local museum exhibit.

Tucked away amidst racks of clothing was the Filene's ticket counter. It was staffed by knowledgeable employees who were well-versed in the local entertainment scene. Well, maybe not all of the local entertainment scene, but it didn't really matter if the nice old lady behind the counter didn't know who Motley Crue was. She was still able to sell you a pair of tickets. 

Filene's Basement Files For Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection
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It was a stroke of genius on Filene's part, offering customers the opportunity to plan their leisure activities alongside their purchases. Need a new suit for an upcoming event? Might as well pick up tickets to the Green Day show, while you're at it.

Sadly, the end of an era came in 2006 when Filene's became one of the many department stores to close its doors permanently due to changing consumer habits and the rise of online shopping.

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