'Rumor has it' is why hundreds of people, mostly teenagers and young adults, flocked to a popular eatery in the affluent town of New Canaan, Connecticut, an hour-and-a-half from New York City.  It was all to catch a glimpse of Taylor Swift eating lunch with two of her A-list best friends, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds. Was Taylor's hottie boyfriend Travis Kelce there, too?

According to US Magazine, it all happened at Elm restaurant, which was open only for take-out. Or was it closed except for take-out because Taylor and friends were there to dine in peace? Actually, no one even knows if they were there.

According to US Magazine, the rumor started at New Canaan High School after the mother of a student posted on social media that Elm’s owners shut down the restaurant for Taylor. As you can see from the video, Swifties flocked to the downtown restaurant because of these rumors. And after all that, it appears to have either been a hoax, rumor, or the celebrities made an incredibly stealthy getaway, as no one ever saw them go into Elm or leave.

Page Six says that even the town's fire and police departments eventually showed up to control the crowd. Meanwhile, Elm won't confirm or deny if Taylor and the gang were eating there. However, photos of Travis in Kansas City practicing at the time prove that at least he wasn't there.

PS: Blake does live just 15 minutes from New Canaan. Hmmmm.

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