Quarries make some of the best swimming holes in the world. However, many of them are not safe (nor legal) to swim in.

A quarry is a giant empty pit where stones or other materials have been previously extracted. There are tons of quarries all over New England. But many are kept secret, as they typically attract adrenaline junkies who want to jump off the large rock cliffs into the water.

This is a quarry I may or may not have jumped into illegally (no snitches).

These cliff jumps are obviously dangerous, and many are illegal to swim and jump into.

Well, there is one quarry in New England where swimming is encouraged: the Dorset Quarry in Vermont.

This is known as the oldest marble quarry in the United States, according to their website.

This quarry is actually monitored with open and closed dates, times when swimming is permitted, and an actual website.

I think that is brilliant. Instead of putting up a temping "no trespassing" sign, local authorities regulate when and who can go. The local public is allowed to use this fun swimming hole for what it is: a swimming hole.

I think it is brilliant for the town of Dorset to allow people to cool off in this epic and historic body of water. Otherwise, it is just an abandoned pit that may be tempting for people to go to for illegal things.

Here is a look at the Dorset Quarry:

A USA Today article credits this swimming hole as being one of the best secret swimming holes in the entire country. The people of Dorset did not love this article going out, as it is "their" secret swimming spot.

I have mixed emotions about that. I understand the "secret spots" aspect. It is like a hidden cam spot. If you know, you know. Only those who know should get to go.

On the other hand, this place has a website, Facebook page, and is put out for public use.

So to the people of Vermont, please don't hate me. The Dorset Marble Quarry is located at 1848 Vermont Route 30.

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