How satisfying is it discover a hidden gem restaurant? You just can't wait to spread the good word about it to your friends and fam so they can experience its joy and wonder too!

So what constitutes a hidden gem? This writer doesn't claim to be an expert on the topic. However, I am a foodie, and love a restaurant that can serve up a unique atmosphere paired with delicious food. To me, a hidden gem restaurant must be:

  • Off the beaten path, aka not in a tourist trap location.
  • It must have only one location, or two at the absolute most.
  • They don't have a massive social media presence. Their customer base is built on word of mouth.
  • The interior is unassuming and "no-frills". The food and people are the focus.
  • The menu is not massive. They stick to what they're good at, and have perfected it.

A site called released an article highlighting the best hidden gem restaurant in each state. The choice for New Hampshire is a cute Nepalese cafe that I've never been to, but am dying to visit.

Base Camp Café in Hanover, New Hampshire.

The article states that the name is a bit deceiving, because it's not located at the base of a mountain. In pure hidden gem fashion, it's located in a basement. The decor is positively charming, with lots of color and bright photos.

I've had Nepalese food in downtown Portsmouth, New Hampshire, at Durbar Square, and it is BEYOND delicious. If you are not afraid of spice and bold flavors, this cuisine is right up your alley.

Traditional Nepalese food - thali (dal bhat) in a restaurant
Getty Images/iStockphoto

At Base Camp Cafe, the momos (dumplings) come highly recommended.

Check out the full list of hidden gem restaurants by state here.

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