We all dream of retiring someday, with visions of living a life of leisure, making our schedule, and planning our day as we see fit, with no signs of corporate stress anywhere.

Isn't that what most people work towards their entire life? Retirement is a more relaxing way of life.

So where are the best places to retire? Since we live in New England and deal with the harsh winters, many people head south to Florida or the Carolinas. But if you want to stay in New England, specifically New Hampshire, two towns stand out above the rest as the best retirement towns.

According to worldatlas.com, out of the eight best retirement towns in New England, two of them are in New Hampshire.

New Hampshire has so much to offer everyone, especially for people ready to slow down and enjoy the rest of their lives with plenty of options, like the coast, mountains, lakes, forest, and everything in between.

Gerald G Gantar
Gerald G Gantar

Lincoln, New Hampshire

The median home price in Lincoln is $300,000, which makes it affordable for retirees looking to sell their home and buy something more reasonable for cash.  Retirement can allow some people to have more expendable income without a mortgage.

Lincoln also offers great healthcare, with the Littleton Regional Healthcare offering quality healthcare close by.

The town is also the entrance to Franconia Notch State Park, with gorges, rivers, trails, and lakes for all activity levels. With a thriving downtown with shops, cafes, boutiques, and plenty of community activities, it's a perfect place to retire.

Keene, New Hampshire

The other locale recommended for retirement in New Hampshire is Keene.

Keene State College resides here, and the median age is 36. So while it's a quaint place to retire, the town is anything but old.  If you love staying young and surrounding yourself with young people, this is your retirement spot.

The town boasts an award-winning healthcare center, the Cheshire Medical Center, and a median home price of $355,000.

The downtown area is vibrant with exceptional restaurants for a town this size, so consider Keene your new favorite for a retirement option.

There's no need to move away from your family and friends, when it's all in the Granite State for retirees.

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