In recent years, Walmart has become a huge part of my life. It's my one-stop shop for grocery shopping (yes, I'm blessed enough to live near a supercenter), workout clothes, and makeup. Now that I have a brand-new baby to dress, Gwen's wardrobe is practically made up entirely of clothes from Wally World.

Walmart Reports Strong Quarterly Earnings, Beating Expectations
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And GET THIS: I even get my nails done at Walmart. That's right, the one I go to on Lafayette Road in Portsmouth has a nail salon inside!

According to Walmart's Store Directory, there are 26 Walmart locations in the state of New Hampshire.

One big reason why Walmart is such a popular establishment is the incredible deals. We all want to feel like we are getting away with something! They have done away with their smiley face mascot who hops around the store rolling back prices, but his spirit still remains.

If you are fortunate enough to have a Walmart Supercenter in your town and Wally World is YOUR go-to place for fresh fruits and vegetables, they owe you money!

According to Food and Wine Magazine, Walmart recently agreed to settle a class-action lawsuit, alleging they'd charged customers more than they should have for weighted goods such as packed poultry, pork, seafood, and bagged citrus items.

This is no small settlement either! The corporation will be dishing out $45 million to people who made purchases for weighted items from October of 2018 to this past January (aka over the past five years).  To redeem your payment, you must file a claim online.

The pay day will be small, but it's something!

  • 50 or fewer qualifying items gets you you $10
  •  51 to 75, you can get $15
  • 76 to 100 gets you $20
  • 101 or more entitles you to $25.

Are you someone who keeps your receipts? Then you could get 2% back on the cost of the weighted goods. The MOST you can get is $500.

If you plan on submitting your claim, make sure you do so by deadline, which is June 5!

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