11What could I have eaten that would upset Jeff? Great question...


That answer requires some background info  You see for Christmas, I bought Jeff a delightful 6-pack of Barber Foods chicken cordon bleu.  He had mentioned that he had some and how delicious it was! I took note and made sure to get him a giant box for Christmas. How awesome!


Well, it's been in the freezer since Christmas. I have asked several times...

Have you taken your chicken home?

Oh right. No.


So I did. I took it home. And not only took it home, but cooked allllllll of them!



They were very delicious! Even the 13-year-old enjoyed. Mmmmm. I can't wait to see what I get Jeff next year for Christmas. I wonder if he likes the Barber Foods broccoli and cheese chicken breasts...they are also very delicious!



Should I have taken them? He had no idea I did...since this was off his radar completely.