The coronavirus has impacted us all. So many are without work, budgets are tight, and yet many nonprofits and charities still rely on our donations to continue operations.

One of those nonprofits is Four Legged Freedom Rescue in Kennebunk. According to their website, their mission is to "find healthy and loving permanent homes for homeless and unwanted animals in our state, as well as other states where kill shelters are overcrowded and resources are limited."

Four Legged Freedom Rescue is completely made up of volunteers and all donations go to helping the animals with things like food, vet care, transportation services, and more.

Since the pandemic, they have seen a sizeable decline in donations, understandable with current circumstances, however, there are animals in desperate need of help.

One large need is for kitten fosters. The organization is in the midst of an uptick of pregnant cats and fostering can be a lot of work. They are hoping for more volunteers to help lighten the load and give these kittens a chance before they're ready for adoption.

Earlier this month, Four Legged Freedom Rescue took in 16 cats, 2 dogs, and 1 rabbit, in just one day.

The animals don't know it's a pandemic. They just want to be taken care of.

If you're able to help their efforts financially you can donate directly to them through the Wells Dog and Cat Hospital at 207-646-8323.

For more ways to donate or to apply to foster, click here.

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