The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and local music is finally hitting the stages outdoors.

It’s summertime in Vacationland and if Mainers do one thing right, it’s reveling in the sweet sounds of local bands with a cold beverage in hand. Whether you’re on the wharf listening to the jazz echo off the boats in the marina or you’re at Portland House of Music jamming out to an original rock band, we Mainers spend our summers getting jiggy with it.

With a booming arts scene, Maine sets the stage with inspiring and brilliant musicians from all genres. Wouldn’t it make sense to kick off our summer with a music festival showcasing all of that talent?

Resurgam Music and Arts Festival at Thompson’s Point

In fact, it makes so much sense that it’s actually happening.

Maine Academy of Modern Music along with various local businesses and partners are hosting a music and arts festival at Thompson’s Point on June 12. This is a brand-spankin' new event and I’ll tell you right now I will be shocked if it doesn’t turn into an annual shindig.

I’m sure you have many questions and I will answer them all but let’s start with the word “Resurgam”. What the heck does that mean? As the event page kindly shares, Resugram is a noun that means: “I shall rise again.”

While I’m sure there are a plethora of reasons they chose this name, the first thing I felt when I read that was joy and excitement. We just spent the last couple of years sheltered away from one another, isolated, and deprived of the live music scene. We are now in safer times and are finally able to come together and enjoy what we all love. To me, there is no better way to kick start our summers together here in our favorite city than to rise together again.

Art, Music, Food, What More Do You Need?

The event will be held from noon to 9 p.m. on Sunday, June 12, for a day packed full of good food, beautiful art, and music so good you’ll want to make sure you’re in your dancing shoes. Multiple genres will be represented by many local musicians, so many that instead of listing them out I’m just going to share this lineup for you from the event’s page:

Maine Academy of Modern Art

I know everything I have shared so far sounds phenomenal and you’ve already marked the day on your calendar and are as giddy as I am but I haven’t even shared the best part yet…

The event is FREE. THE EVENT IS FREE!! This festival is open to the public, free of charge, with open doors in an inclusive and positive environment for everyone to enjoy. Art and music shouldn’t be restricted to those who can afford it.

Maine Academy of Modern Music

All of this fits right into MAMM’s mission as an organization:

“Maine Academy of Modern Music uses the power of music to inspire students, foster creative collaboration, and build a community.”

With this vision:

“All Maine students have access to quality music education that empowers and develops creative and resilient community members.”

MAMM is an incredible resource and opportunity for our local artists and events like this fully showcase their passion for sharing the power of music with everyone.

As you can tell from my excitement, I will be there dancing the day away all day long. I hope to see you there!

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