There are a lot of mysterious objects that show up in the subreddit r/whatisthis.

The whole point behind the subreddit is sharing pictures of objects you find with people of the internet to try and figure out what you're looking at. There's everything from electrical components, tools, antiques, household items, and everything in between.

It's not every day a post pops up by someone who thinks they found their parent's sex toy, however. This may have been a mystery object for some living in warmer climates, but I guarantee any Mainer looking at this picture will know immediately what his dad was using that object for (spoiler alert: it's not sex).


In this kid's defense, the way it's laid out makes it look a little questionable. Luckily, the mystery was quickly solved by someone in a colder climate: this rubbery thing with chains (alright, that does sound a little dirty) is one of those strap-on (LET ME FINISH) boot grips you can use on extra slippery sidewalks.

It's a classic "dad fashion" item: not terribly attractive but INCREDIBLY effective, You've probably got a pair of these somewhere in your house, and if not, it makes a great gift for your father!

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