After going to Cinemagic in Westbrook and seeing the movie "The Invisible Man," I have to say I am impressed.

The trailer makes it look like a low budget thriller that Elizebeth Moss did out of boredom between seasons of Handmaid's Tail.

Not at all the case here; every item, action, and comment no matter how small was a set up for a more substantial payoff toward the end of the movie.

It was well-acted, and it allowed you to be drawn into the story and be invested in these characters no matter if they were big Hollywood names or not.

Without giving it away, the plot twist is also one of those things that you see in a movie that you feel or predict coming from a mile away.

This is not the case here; You do not see it coming at all, and you will be one of those people who is left in the theater, dissecting what you just watched. Check it out this weekend, and thank me later.

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