THANK YOU, MAINE. Your support for the show has gotten Krissy in the Morning into the top 10 nominees!

Now, the next step is to keep voting above once a day for the next 4 days until Aug 1, so we can be No. 1 and the winner of "Best Radio Personality" in Portland, Maine.

Portland has caught my heart and has kept me here for one reason: Community.

I think the coolest part about this city is the sense of support you feel from everybody coming together to create a great living environment. You have to admit, there's nothing like a Mainer. I'm proud to be a part of this state and even more proud to represent us on the radio.

It has been such an honor and SO much fun to host a show with you, Maine.

Being Maine's brand new morning show, Krissy in the Morning, is so exciting, and I love connecting with you all and getting to be a part of your morning.

I say that because without the interaction of you calling in every morning, texting the show on our Q97.9 app, or even leaving me voicemails, the show just wouldn't be as great. It's all thanks to you.

So thank you again those who are supporting me, and let's keep it going. Keep on voting through the end of the month, and I could just be that lucky winner because of it.

Fingers crossed.

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