So it looks like in October when recreational marijuana sales are legal in the State of Maine, the city of Portland will be left out at least for a little while.

According to WMTW Channel 8, a federal judge ruled that the scoring system that would be used in the state to favor Maine-based marijuana operations is unfairly and unconstitutionally biased against out of state companies.

The counter-argument was Maine legalized marijuana in hopes of having its own generated revenue by supplying local retailers with products from local growers and keeping the money in state.

However, that is no longer the case; there is no tentative date for when retail marijuana sales in Portland will happen for sure.

We just know that it's coming. 

Recreational marijuana became legal in Maine because they wanted a piece of an industry that should grow too $166 billion by 2023. With the delays, it would appear that they will fall short on the state's projected revenue, however, had the legislation not passed. It would be revenue we would not have in the first place.  

The question is now how much more revenue will the state of Maine lose if they're not allowed to favor in-state providers?

The lawsuit which brought the case to a federal judge in the first place was put into motion by Delaware-based Wellness Connection, according to WMTW.

What are your thoughts should the state of Maine be able to favorites own providers? Or you just want weed you don't care where it comes from? 

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