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In the latest episode in the ongoing saga that is the LePage Administration, t staffers in the communications department sent a bizarre series of emails to producers at the Rachel Maddow Show on MSNBC.

The emails started on January 18th, when producers asked a simple question: Will Governor LePage change his mind and address the Maine Legislature in the annual 'State of the State' Address? Just a few weeks earlier, during impeachment proceedings in the Maine House of Representatives, LePage was quoted as saying he would deliver a written letter to the legislature, in place of the traditional speech, because he did not wish to speak to those that would have just tried to impeach him.

With the impeachment effort concluded, the program's producers wanted to know if the Governor had chanced his mind, and would address the legislature after all.

What followed was a highly irregular exchange of emails between a senior member of the Governor's staff and producers in New York, and escalated to the point where the producers and Maddow felt it was newsworthy enough to report on the emails themselves instead of the original question.

Just remember, Maine... we elected this guy... twice.

UPDATE: As we were writing this post today, Paul LePage's comments about reinstating use of the guillotine as a punishment for drug traffickers broke nationally. Click here for more information.