You know when LL Bean does something, it's big - and this Saturday I'll be broadcasting live during a Scavenger Hunt!

In between all the fun of the scavenger hunt, I'm gonna try to buy a new winter coat at Bean's. I'm due...anway...

Back to the scavenger hunt. Here's a heads up on what you will need to find and when and where:

I'll be broadcasting live from 11am to 1pm. Snap photos on your phone of just 3 of the 5 items you can find and come back to the Q table while I'm there for an instant prize from LL Bean! Everyone who finds 3 items will also be entered into a drawing for a

100 dollar LL Bean Gift Card!

So, here's what you want to find:

  • carved rabbit in the tenting scene
  • tent inside of the dome
  • one of the birdfeeders
  • sign over reindeer's door on Reindeer Barn
  • fish on the side of the Home Store

Let's have some fun on Saturday and maybe get some people off your list!


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