The South has cornered the chicken and waffles market since the dawn of time* but now, Maine has missed its opportunity in tweaking this staple to our tastes.

Red Lobster just came out with a new menu item: lobster and waffles, made from their beloved Cheddar Bay Biscuits mix. On Red Lobster's website, the new delicacy is described in an undeniably delicious way: "Think chicken and waffles, just way better! Our signature Cheddar Bay waffle is topped with a crispy buttermilk battered split Maine lobster tail then drizzled with sweet maple syrup." They may not be the first ones to think up this twist on a southern favorite, but they certainly get credit for making it more mainstream.

Should Maine pick this up, or avoid fixing something if it ain't broke? I know a number of Mainers who refuse to even eat their lobster with butter, let alone fried up and served on a stack of waffles. But everything is worth one taste, right?

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