So there I was just staycationing and grabbing some apps and a drink at Evo Restaurant and Bar in Portland and there she was!


It's Chelsea Roy from the Bachelor AND Bachelor in Paradise coming up August 7th.

Chelsea is from South Portland. And what was crazy, is that I see her and I think to myself, 'I know her. How do I know her? She's sooooo pretty. How would I know someone soooo pretty?'

Then it hit me! And I raced over like an idiot. She couldn't have been nicer and even gave me a big hug!

Now I gotta watch her in the new try at love in Bachelor in Paradise. Set the DVR for August 7th!

SIDENOTE: I just happened to hit Evo when their chef Matt Ginn was going for another win on Chopped. The episode with Martha Stewart as a guest judge! I had no idea it was his big night. Congrats on the win!



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