Is that Ben Stiller at a Starbucks in Portland? Yup. Why was he here?


NewsCenter Maine reports that the star of 'Zoolander', 'Meet the Parents' and the Oscar snubbed 'Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story' was spotted Tuesday in Portland's Old Port at the Starbucks on Commercial Street.

Madison Watkins, a shift supervisor, wasn't working, but was there and chatted with Ben saying he was a 'super cool guy'.


Madison said that Ben was there with a producer for "Bag Man," which is a Peabody Award-nominated podcast series produced by MSNBC and starring Rachel Maddow!

No one is sure if Mr. Stiller is here for work, pleasure or a combo of both. It's hard not to fan out about him. Not only is Ben Stiller amazing, his parents are too (George Costanza's dad is also Ben Stiller's dad!) His mom, Anne Meara, was an timing genius with comedy!

Welcome to Maine Ben. I'm sure you get bothered a lot wherever you go. We're pretty good about letting people do their thing in Maine. It's just that're really cool.


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