Driving home after a full day of Water Country, we came upon something so moving - we stopped the DVD in the car and made the kids look. We all had goosebumps. We had no idea it was the tribute for fallen soldier Corey Dodge from Dexter, Maine.

Corey was one of 3 US contractors killed in Afghanistan by a suicide bomber. Saturday police, firefighters, and first responders held a procession from Massachusetts to Maine, to bring his body home. Those not in the procession, showed their support and love on overpasses of the Maine Turnpike.




We got off at the Maine Mall exit, but we wanted to keep driving to see as many people as we could. (the kids were pretty exhausted...we decided to get them to bed).

I had no idea what the displays were for until I got home and saw that Kylie had written about the tribute. You couldn't help but be moved to tears. We knew it was something about the military. We thought perhaps it was to welcome troops home...but it was just one soldier. One who gave the ultimate sacrifice...