There's no way this is real life. It's November. IN NEW ENGLAND. And we're turning the clocks back this weekend.

And we're getting absolutely screwed because of it.

Jon Tyson / James Day
Jon Tyson / James Day

Daylight Savings Time

Maybe next to the fact that the rest of the country is on the metric system and we're the only country that isn't, one of the most controversial things that seems like it'll forever be debated is the time change.

Every March, the first of two double-edged swords presents itself each year in the form of Daylight Savings Time. Sure, it hurts to lose an hour of sleep due to turning the clocks ahead.

But that's something we quickly get over when it gives us more daylight throughout the day and the shine (in a perfect world where it's not gray, gloomy rain) shines bright until after 8p.


Daylight Savings Time Ends

It seems like it came out of nowhere, but this weekend is when the second double-edged sword hits us as Daylight Savings Time ends and we return to Standard Time. And while gaining an extra hour of sleep is fantastic, seasonal depression tends to kick in when it becomes pitch black between 4:30p and 5p.

But this weekend is going to be a whole different level of rough when it comes to "falling back" and leaving Daylight Savings Time behind. Because we're getting straight-up screwed this weekend.

Unseasonably Warm in Maine and New Hampshire

This weekend -- and actually, as early as tomorrow (Friday, November 4) -- we'll see unseasonably warm temperatures in Northern New England that could even set some record highs for the first weekend in November weather-wise.

NEWS CENTER Maine's Keith Carson has most of Maine hitting the 70s this weekend for sure (even regardless of cloudy skies on Sunday) possibly into Monday, and some areas tomorrow throughout Vacationland.

And as for the 603 side of things, WMUR is reporting that tomorrow through Monday, most of New Hampshire will hit the 70s, even as high as the mid-70s this weekend.

All while we turn clocks back and create darkness earlier on one of the sexiest weather weekends if November in Northern New England in a long time. As Rachel Green from the show Friends would say,

I mean isn't that just kick you in the crotch, spit on your neck fantastic?


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