Maine is lucky to have no shortage of microbreweries that not only brew delicious beer, but aren't afraid to get a little crazy sometimes with what they put in it. Here's a prime example of thinking out of the box.

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Norway Brewing Company in Norway, Maine in collaboration with Graff Brygghus Brewery in Tromsø, Norway have released Scandi Land, made with actual Swedish Fish and gummi peach candy. See? It's right there in the ingredients.

Townsquare Media

The India pale ale was released on March 1 in both breweries. Don't expect to see floating bits of candy in your beer. In fact, I took a sip and all I tasted was a slight hint of peach.

Scandi Land is an extremely low run and only available in cans and on tap. Well, WAS only available.. After releasing it on Friday, Norway Brewing Company was fresh out just about 36 hours later. It's still out there in just one place. Check out Portland Beer Hub if you want to give this a try, but you better hurry!

Now I really want to go out and buy a giant bag of Swedish Fish. The big size fish, not the little ones. Bigger mean more flavor. Trust me on this.