In light of these times, tensions are very high, and the threat of COVID19 still lurks around the corner. Maine businesses have come together to create a campaign of kindness and caring and togetherness with one another. This campaign is called "let's be kind to each other." It's based on the fact that tensions are running high. Still, patrons that don't want to wear masks have been seen confronting people that manage or work and stores about enforcing the mask policy.

It also reminds customers even though we are in the middle of a pandemic and times are on the rough side, we are in this and can only get through this together
So the only thing we can do is be kind one another to show each other a little bit of empathy.

The groups and community organizations that represent grocery stores and some of these businesses behind the new campaign. Local business owners want to remind potential patrons that other people may be more susceptible to COVID19. That don't have the luxury of just staying at home, and we have to keep those people just as safe.

Please remember that businesses reserve the right to refuse service to anyone wearing not wearing shirt shoe pants or a mask.


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