As you may have read, scientists in UC Davis have found that cows who ingest a specific type of red seaweed emit up to 58% less methane, which would have a huge effect on climate change if taken to a nationwide scale. Cows' gassy emissions make up 25% of the methane produced by the U.S. and switching cows to a seaweed diet would be akin to taking all cars off the roads, says Josh Goldman, CEO of Australis Aquaculture in Greenfield, Massachusetts. Australis is working toward commercially producing enough seaweed to make in impact on cows' diets.


Australis isn't the only New England company working toward the seaweed solution. Source Inc, a Maine nutritional supplement company in Brunswick, is involved with research studying the benefits of adding seaweed in cow feed. They harvest and dehydrate Rockweed and currently use it for human and animal micronutrients. According to Source Maine General Manager Greg Toby, their current line of products have had amazing impact in the equestrian arena, with very promising research and development in cattle. Using a small amount of seaweed mixed in with regular feed is looking promising and Toby urges us to stay optimistic about the potential of 'Greener Grazing'. This may be the food of the future!