There's a sign in Durham, just before you cross the bridge into Lisbon, that I'd like to see placed at a lot more intersections in Maine. When reading it you would think it's not needed, but at certain intersections in Maine drivers need a reminder.

You'll see the sign when travelling west on Route 125 in Durham just before the intersection at the bridge that crosses the Androscoggin River into Lisbon. It reads "Use Turn Signal When Turning." It seems like common sense, but drivers tend to forget the need to signal at intersections that don't feel like sharp turns.

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Many people will take the turn in the road onto the bridge without signaling, leaving drivers at the stop sign in the other direction wondering which way they are going. It's not the kind of turn you have to slow down almost to a stop to make, which is why I think people don't signal.

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I was taught in driving school to always signal if you have a choice. If there are two different ways you can continue, let the other drivers around you know which way you're going to go.

Here are a couple of intersections in Maine that I frequent that could use a reminder sign like this one in Durham.

This is the intersection of Routes 35 and 37 in Waterford. As you can see there's a fork in the road, where you don't need to slow down much, but for the person on Route 37 waiting at the stop sign, it would help if they knew where you were going. A left turn signal saying you're going to continue onto Route 37 would give them the all clear to proceed instead of waiting to see what you're going to do.

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This is the intersection of Main Street and Paris Street in Norway right near the Guy E. Rowe Elementary School. This intersection can get pretty busy and if you are waiting here at this stop sign and approaching traffic doesn't signal, you don't know if they are going to continue on Main Street or head to South Paris on Paris Street. A signal would often times allow you the time you need to continue into traffic.


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It should be common courtesy for drivers to always signal their intention whenever they are given a chose of directions to take, but a nice reminder sign like Durham has, might go a long way to help keep traffic flowing along smoothly.