Nika has lived a hard life. She's a dog whose previous owners used her as a bait dog in dog fighting, and although that life is behind her, she still lives with pain that requires surgery.

Hope Staples-Chancey has started a Go Fund Me to help raise money for an expensive surgery Nika needs when a veterinarian discovered bone or tooth fragments in her ear that have caused painful ear infections and abscesses.

Hope told Nika's story on the Go Fund Me page:

Hope Staples-Chancey
Hope Staples-Chancey

The sweet dog in this picture is Nika. She is the face of No Bowl Empty pet food pantry which is run by her mom Nadine. They help feed over 400 pets in need. Nika was once used as a bait dog for dog fighting. Nika does not let that start in life define her. She exudes pure love and joy to everyone she meets. This photo shows her giving one of her awesome full body hugs to a stranger at one of the pantry fundraising events. Nika does not have an ear canal in her right ear. This has caused horrible infections and recurrent abscesses. She was supposed to go see a specialist for possible surgery later this month which as you can imagine is very expensive. Her mom does everything that is needed for Nika and never complains or asks for help even though her own health struggles drain their funds. Nika needed to be brought to the animal emergency clinic this morning because the abscess has grown even more. Nadine hates to ask for help so I am doing it for her. If you can help please do! Donations of any amount and sharing this post are greatly appreciated. Thank you!

That surgery could cost almost $6000 so Hope wants to help Nadine raise the money to be able to get Nika the care she needs. If you are able to donate to help, we've got the link to the Go Fund Me page below.

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