Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap announced on Monday that Maine’s driver’s licenses and I.D. cards will have a new look when Mainers do their next renewals.

The Associated Press is reporting that Dunlap says the latest design will replace the moose and mountain design created back in 2010. The new cards will feature an outline of the state of Maine along with a picture of our state tree and flower, a white pine cone and tassel, as well as a sunrise, a potato field, a sailboat, a lighthouse, a mountain and the Maine state bird, the chickadee. And, of course, your picture.

The new design will also include features to make it harder to forge fake I.D.s and licenses according to the Bangor Daily News.  The new cards will be compliant with the federal Real ID Act.

Anyone whose driver’s license or identification expires after Real ID enforcement begins in October 2020 will need to renew their documentation to be in compliance or use an accepted alternative for domestic air travel or other federal purposes, according to the BDN.


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