Hearing that Maine has one of the highest burglary arrest rates in the country might sound scary at first, but it's actually a good thing. According to A Secure Life, Maine ranks 7th on the list of top ten highest burglary arrest rates in the country. That doesn't mean that Maine has one of the highest burglary rates. In fact, the state has one of the lowest in the country. But the percentage of burglaries in which an arrest is made is higher in the Pine Tree state than most other states in the country. 18% of burglaries that take place in Maine result in an arrest being made. That may sound low, but take a look at the ten lowest ranking states on the list. In Nebraska for example, an arrest is made in only 1% of the burglary cases. That's the worst in the country. And all of the states in the lowest ranking ten are under 10%.


Do you lock up your home every time you leave for the day? I used to be very casual about it with my house in New Hampshire, but since I moved to Maine, I'm an avid locker. I also have security systems in place, for the added piece of mind. Because let's face it, even with one of the best burglary arrest rates in the country, there is no arrest made for 82% of them in Maine.

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