I just have one question... when do we take this guy's license away FOREVER?!

According to WGME 13 and the Bangor Daily News, 58-year-old Joseph A. Nally of Bucksport was arrested last week in Gloucester, Massachusetts on his seventh OUI charge.

According to Massachusetts police, Nally has six prior OUI/DUI convictions in both Maine and Massachusetts, and his license was under suspension at the time of this incident last week.

When rescuers arrived, they found a male victim lying in the road with injuries to his hands, arms, back and head. Witnesses said that the victim, Donald Blanchette, tried to wave at Nally to stop, but he didn't show any apparent hesitation in hitting the pedestrian in the road.

"I said, look, you almost killed me get out of here with the apologies. That doesn't cut it," Blanchette told Fox25.

So... when do we take his right to drive away for good? Do we wait until he kills someone? What's it gonna take? Just asking for a friend... in a crosswalk. 

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