I threw this topic out on my morning show today, and  each response that came in was just as hilarious as the next. I asked, "What is one thing your child did that accidentally cost you a ton of money?" We've all been there. On both sides, really. We've all been the kid that accidentally crashed a car, broke a window, or buried a parent's wedding ring, but let's put the shoe on the other foot and see what the parents have to say.

I was overwhelmed with how intense some of the answers on our Q97.9 Facebook were, but also couldn't help but laugh the entire time. Check out some of my favorite accidental disaster stories Mainers confessed:

Q Facebook
Q Facebook

Kind of makes you feel a little bit better about your life after reading some of those horror stories, huh? A lot of our listeners this morning called in with a pricey story about their children and their cars. I feel like anything related to vehicles has to be the biggest common denominator with most parents. But hey, it's all a part of life!

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