42 years ago Gary Urgonski, from Massachusetts, got a parking ticket. He just paid it off.

The York Police Department posted on their Facebook page the ticket, the payment and a letter that Gary wrote. It seems that Gary got a ticket while on Long Sands Beach back in 1978. He found the ticket in a dresser drawer.



So he sent the ticket, a check and a letter explaining that time flew and that after 42 years, he hopes that he can venture back into York.

The York Police Department contacted Gary and told him that they weren't going to cash his check. They asked if it was okay putting it all on Facebook. They are going to frame the ticket and put it up on a wall at the station.

But the York Police were wondering if Officer 33 saw the Facebook post? Are you out there Officer 33?

What's the oldest thing you have? I have a receipt for a TV bought in 1958. Can you beat that?



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