When you're single on Valentine's Day it can feel kind of lonely. So, what do you do? You treat yourself! Self-care is self-love!

One man in Casco, Maine, 34-year-old Sean Schoonmaker, allegedly decided to light some candles and indulge in a nice warm bath, according to the Portland Press Herald.

If he did it right I hope he paired the bath and candles with a glass of wine, a little pillow, and some slow jams. Sounds delightful, doesn't it?

The problem is that this wasn't Schoonmaker's home. Police said he broke in and was later caught by the homeowner, Ann Hall, who works as a psychic medium and had been out of town, the newspaper stated.

In addition to the soak, Schoonmaker also allegedly rummaged through the cupboards and drawers and smoked throughout the home, according to the Press Herald.

No word at this time if Schoonmaker was under the influence or dealing with mental health issues.

Ultimately he was arrested and taken to Cumberland County Jail, the newspaper stated.

I'm all about the treat yo'self mentality, but just keep it in your own house, okay?

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