For whatever reason, there are just some of those foods that aren't difficult to make yourself, but for some reason always taste way better when someone else makes them. Salads. Bagels. Sandwiches.

And between access to higher quality ingredients in bulk that we, as consumers, don't necessarily want to drop too many dollars on (especially since everything these days costs about two arms and two legs) and wanting to simply treat ourselves, that's why sandwich shops tend to do so well. Especially in New England (because trust me, other parts of the country don't necessarily make sandwiches like we do.)

A new sandwich shop is coming soon to North Berwick, Maine

While they've given no official opening date yet, what will soon be North Berwick's newest sandwich shop, NoBo, is a tag team vision of Chef Joe Rhodes (from Baked With Joe, a bakery in South Berwick) and Chef Paul Cote (from Fat Dog Kitchen in Dover, New Hampshire).

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According to its Facebook page, NoBo is very close to opening, but since the vision is to be a truly local eatery, Joe and Paul solicited for more menu ideas from their future customers. Deeming itself "a local eatery in North Berwick with craft sandwiches, scratch-baked sweet treats & healthy grab," they encouraged Mainers to mention sandwiches, meals, or other items they can't find elsewhere.

Could a meal be named after you on the NoBo menu?

Of course, when you're a local eatery asking your future customers exactly what they'd like to see for menu offerings, you're going to get a good response. And why not take it to heart? It's basically fishing where the fish. That said, some of the delicious-sounding items that could pop up on the NoBo menu from locals, for locals:

"My 10-year-old daughter said 'anything in a bowl like burrito bowls or pizza bowls." - Rebecca Sturmer


"I would love an amazing Monte Cristo!" - Jennifer Ouellette


"Muffuletta, yum!" - Carrie Paull


"A really fresh, traditional cob salad." - Christine Dudley


"A North Shore beef sandwich." - Ethan Setear


"Delicious Keto meals." - Jason and Angelica Jones


"A nice, thick Reuben please." - Orlando Durodemi


"A turkey gobbler sandwich." - S Joseph Haney


"Gluten free options/modifications!" - Marianne Ferguson

It remains to be seen which, if any, of the above selections will be included on the NoBo menu, but if their Facebook post asking the question of what sandwiches, etc. their future customers would love to see is any indication -- we'll find out very, very soon.

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