The Maine State Police have let us know that they are seeing more accidents in our state where people are taking off after the accident.

Not ok!

Unless it's a "life-saving" measure, you need to stay with your vehicle.

The State Police say they are getting all kinds of excuses like:

  • No Cell Phone
  • No Cell Reception
  • Had an Important Appointment They Couldn't Miss
  • They Might have Been Impaired
  • Did Not Know They Had To Stay On The Scene of The Crash

Just so we are all clear on this; from the Maine State Police Facebook Page:

In Maine, if you are involved in a crash that is reportable, for example; property damage over the amount of $1,000 you are required to notify police in a timely and reasonable manner, or you could face criminal charges. Reporting crashes as soon as possible allows for law enforcement to conduct a proper investigation, determine if drugs or alcohol were involved etc.,. In addition, vehicles should not be disturbed or moved from their final resting place, until police arrive on scene, or specifically advised by police that is okay to move the vehicles. 

Check out the actual laws below. Be safe and be smart out there!



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