In Wednesday's press conference, Dr. Nirav Shah said the State would make a concerted effort to administer more flu shots in the Fall and Winter to help slow the spread of influenza.

This plan is to keep medical facilities open to treat the spread of coronavirus, which will likely to be still be lurking around. 

Maine CDC
Maine CDC

"Residents typically start getting flu shots in early fall, likely, COVID-19 will still be with us." Dr. Shah told WGME 13. 

Meanwhile, a report featured in the Wall Street Journal highlights the flu almost being eradicated in the southern hemisphere due to the social distancing methods that have taken place since the outbreak of COVID-19.

This announcement should be somewhat of a relief that there will be fewer flu cases in the fall and winter seasons. This also dispels the misnomer that the flu and COVID-19 are not the same illness.

What are your thoughts? Will you be getting your flu shot? 


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