Everyone's getting ready for family, fun and all the helpings of turkey they can have on Thanksgiving.

But it looks like Mother Nature wants to join in the festivities, too.

According to the local news stations and of course, the National Weather Service, parts of Maine are going to get some snow by Thursday morning.

News Center Maine reports that things will get started Wednesday evening with some rain before snow mixes in further north.

That rain and snow will keep coming through the night into Thanksgiving morning, with up to 7 inches in parts of Maine, WMTW states.

And you can see the predictions from the various news stations:

Here's the NWS Gray Office's expected snowfall totals published through a Facebook post on Tuesday morning:

It seems that the further south, the less the snowfall totals with maybe up to an inch in parts but with mostly rain.

Either way, it's looking like there will be plenty of Mainers that get to have something of a white Thanksgiving.

So be careful out there if you have to drive as the conditions will certainly be slick. And happy Thanksgiving to all!

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