I love a good music video that's just... real?

I'm not actually sure how to describe these Maine guys who decided to get together and create a music video combining country and rap.

They call themselves the North Woods Outlaws, "Maine's first country rap group." Actually, I believe there's a term for that: hick-hop.

There's actually a cool Rolling Stone article that talks about county rap over the years and its rise in the music world.

OK, I love this and I hate this, I'll be real. They recently released their music video called "Mud Cricket," which is actually pretty catchy, so I'll let you watch this first then we can proceed.

Just be warned, the video is a bit NSFW. OK? OK.

I can't figure out if the North Woods Outlaws are making fun of Mainers here, or if this video is a true representation of how they perceive Maine. Either way, I find it absolutely hysterical.

According to northoutlaws.com, they've actually performed alongside a few big names in the industry, like Bubba Sparxxx, Adam Calhoun, Big Murph, and more.

The members of the first-ever country & rap band to hit Maine are COAL, Unkle Swizzy, Chrittah and DJ Jeffy. Their website says they formed in 2018, so still pretty new.

Actually, you know what, here they are. This is them, I just found them on Instagram:

If this isn't the most Maine thing I've ever written in my life, then I don't know what is. I give them respect for putting themselves out there like this. Let's see how Maine responds. I know I can't look away HAHA.

Have you heard of them before?

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