Mainer's are already itching to get out after a year of hunkering down during the pandemic. But, one thing Mainer's can look forward to is a first.

The first ever Maine Wild Blueberry Weekend is being planned and is looking to be a state-wide experience for the weekend of August 7th and 8th.

The Wild Blueberry Commission sent out information recently to pull in participants who wanted to get in on this first ever event. The weekend will be a way to really take in all that the Maine Wild Blueberry can offer. The growers and processors of the Maine Wild Blueberry will be central to the celebration, as will unique and imaginative ways to enjoy the Maine Wild Blueberry.

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You can expect to visit farms and fields that are cultivating the Wild Blueberry and visit restaurants and businesses across the state who will be showcasing their unique addition, be it food, drink or some other imaginative way, to the first ever weekend's festivities.

Businesses were asked to register to be part of the weekend, which included creating or showcasing products with Wild Maine Blueberries as well as be part of the social media marketing of the weekend, by May 15th.

Mainer's and visitors will be able to take in the Maine Wild Blueberry experience as well as take part in a social media contest using the hashtag 'thewildblueberryweekend'. You'll have to wait and see what the prize will be for the business and patrons who take part in the hashtag contest.

Expect a website to be out soon for more about this historic weekend centered around one of Maine's staple crops .

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