Classes start Wednesday at the new Sanford High School. They missed the Tuesday start because teachers needed more one more day with the $100 million building.


This new building is replacing the old Sanford High that was almost 50 years old.

According to the Press Herald:

The school was built to accommodate 1,800 students. The campus features an 830-seat performing arts center, a synthetic turf field and outdoor bleachers. Athletic teams began using the new stadium earlier this school year.


The new high school was also designed with safety in mind: Hallways don’t offer any place for a gunman to hide and classroom doors lock from the inside. About 100 cameras are mounted throughout the building and can be monitored remotely by police.

It was quite the process:


Curious what a 100 million dollar school looks like? There will be an open house on Oct. 29 with tours.

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