Do we really need a state ballad anyway? I say we'd be just fine without one. We already have an official state song. “The State of Maine Song” by Roger Vinton Snow of Portland which dates back to the 1930s has been the state song for years but now a Democratic legislator wants to declare a song about Maine’s most renowned Civil War soldiers as the official state ballad. The bill was referred the bill to committee on April 11 but no public hearing has been listed publicly yet.

Democratic Rep. Scott Cuddy’s has introduced a bill that would name “The Ballad of the 20th Maine” by the band The Ghost of Paul Revere as the state ballad according to an article in the Press Herald.

The article says Republican Rep. Will Tuell thinks it’s possible the public is tired of proposals to create new state symbols. Remember when they wanted to introduce a new state flag? Or when they had a debate about which chickadee to use as the state bird? I wonder what the next big debate will be, changing the Maine state insect from the honeybees to the mosquito? Or the black fly?

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