When you think Easter egg coloring, you think - let's get them to explode! The good news, not explode as in Super Bowl microwave explode...but explode with color! 

I've never heard of Volcano Easter egg decorating. Perhaps because the words 'explosion' and 'food coloring' I don't like in the same sentence. Here's what it looks like.

Here's our attempt! Use a lot of baking soda for more of an explosion effect! You can do several layers on one egg!

This is the end result! Really pretty eggs!

volcano Easter eggs

Here's the result of a eggs exploding in a microwave.*

It's fun...a tad messy, but not too bad and the eggs were really neat looking!

*Don't do this at home. Seriously unless you want your house to smell like an egg factory died in it and you want to buy a new microwave*

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