Check out the Malden Police Department being all kinds of topical and relevant. Since Frozen 2 just hit theaters and iced out all competition, it is only appropriate to blame Elsa for the recent weather report.

As you can see, Elsa is a "wanted" woman for causing this early December Winter storm. We get it, Elsa. The cold never bothered you anyway you selfish Snow Queen. But this isn't Arendelle! We can't live like this.

A fellow officer had the winning comment in response to this post:

Dear Malden Police,
I like your style trying to catch Elsa!
Well played posting she is 125lbs. 😆
You must really want to catch her because she will come out of her frozen life to tell you to NEVER POST A WOMANS WEIGHT.


Thank you Malden Police for giving Elsa an appropriate height to weight ratio. However, Sergeant Wing has a point, you should never post a woman's weight. Even if she is a fictitious Disney Character.

Maybe you are someone who thinks "Doesn't the police department have more important things to do than post a wanted poster for an animated Disney princess?" To that I say everyone deserves to have a little fun at work, ESPECIALLY law enforcement.

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