Wanna see a moose? Head up north to Greenville.

This mom and her baby were caught crossing a road up in Greenville while a group was out on a tour with the Moosehead Area Guide Service.

I know Mainers that have gone their whole life and not see a moose. Seems like you have a pretty good shot at seeing a moose if you hook up with the Moosehead Area Guide Service. They are a Maine Licensed Guide Service and offer all sorts of good stuff: fully geared, guided, private fishing charters, wildlife tours, and animal safaris in the beautiful Greater  Moosehead Lake Area of Greenville, Maine.

They even have lodging. I've been to Greenville, and yup...I saw a moose. If you have a friend who complains that they've lived in Maine all their life and have never seen a moose - well, ya might want to load the car and head to an area with moose in the name!

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