Two men tried to break into a home in Greene, Maine Wednesday morning and the Androscoggin County Sheriff's Department says one of them may have shot himself in the foot.

CBS 13
CBS 13

According to CBS 13, when two men attempted to break into the home of a marijuana care giver, the owner confronted them. They fired at the home owner as they were running away and one of them may have managed to shoot himself in the foot.

It makes us wonder why anyone would to try break into a home in broad daylight, especially since cameras are everywhere now including at this home. In fact at one point, one of the men looked right at the camera. Smile! We see you! Add shooting yourself in the foot and you've got burglars that are on par with the two trying to break into the Home Alone kid's house. We all know how that one went.

If you happen to know who these guys are, the Androscoggin Sheriff's Department would like to speak with you.

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