Being the socialite daughter of two world-famous New York City ballet dancers can get you some serious perks.

According to The Daily News, Talicia Martins, who is 22 years old, was arrested for a bunch of burglaries with her boyfriends in 2017 in Maine. She worked a plea deal and will only have to do 72 hours of community service.

Talicia was busted for several break-ins in Camden. She stole more than $1,000 from The Smoothie Shack on Elm Street, Francine Bistro on Chestnut Street and Camden Cone on Bay View Street.

It's hard not to think that having two super famous parents might have helped with this plea deal. Her mom is Darci Kistler, who used to be a principal ballet dancer for the New York City Ballet and her dad is the chief of the Metropolitan Ballet Company. I know, for us...who? But in that world, it's a big friggin' deal!

Both Talicia and her boyfriend have to go to substance use counseling, stay away from drugs and alcohol and pay a monthly $25 administrative fee. Oh and they can't commit any more crimes. What a deal!

When does Talicia's 72 hours of community service start? It will be in October, as part of the Maine Alternative Sentencing Program. She has been in trouble with heroin addiction and she has done work in treatment too.

And she has famous parents.

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