Logan looks pretty happy in his new Q onesie!

A little background on adorable Logan. Remember those 9 pregnant nurses at Maine Med? The whole country was fascinated with their story. Us too. We wanted to do something for them...but what?

That's when our good friend Victor Rios of Expose Design said, 'Q onesies!' He's kinda brilliant that way. These onesies are his handy work!

Shyanne Gassett Smith

No...Logan is NOT one of the 9 babies all born last summer. However, Shyanne Gassett Smith, or mom of Logan, contacted us to see if we had an extra onesie.

We did! Shyanne got her onesie...now all she needed to do was wait until Logan fit into it. We didn't have a lot of choice on size. Well...look at how great Logan looks!

Shyanne Gassett Smith

He seems pretty happy in his SUPER cool onesie! Just check out Logan's response when he found out that Lady Gaga has a new album coming out AND is going to be in concert at Fenway...AND the Q will have tickets!

Shyanne Gassett Smith

Lady Gaga is a favorite of Logan's...ya know...the whole Gaga part.

Congratulations Shyanne!