I met Matthew through emails he sent to me. He is a fan of the show, and now I am a fan of his...


Matthew has an amazing story. One of severe abuse, abandonment, illness (both mental and cancer) and finally immense hope.

Matthew has taken his life and turned it completely around.

He has written a book, 'My Resurrected Spirit'.

He has a TV show on CTN 5, 'Diversity Dignified'.

He is the founder of 'Freedom to Flourish'.

He has a kind heart and for all that he has lived through...he certainly earned the right not too. It's all about the paths we choose.

Matthew recently had me as a guest on his show, 'Diversity Dignified'. The subject was bullying, but it bounced around to all sorts of things: coming out, politics, health care...

Vicki Morgan from MPower was there that night taping the show for a piece on Matthew. She shared a clip of the show. Matthew will be a guest speaker at their MPower Miles for Smiles walk on April 23 at St. Joe's.


To catch the whole show (about an hour) tune into CTN (channel 5) in the Greater Portland area Wednesday April 5th at 7 am and Thursday April 6th at 8 pm.

This is Matthew's philosophy:

Everyone deserves to thrive and that we must all work together to bring out the best in each other.


I am honored that Matthew has kept me in the loop of all the exciting things happening in his life. His speeches often take him out of Maine, and his desire to take his message nationally, keeps him very busy. It's a message that I think deserves national attention. I encourage you to look into what this incredible person is doing to make the world a better place...

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