The rainbow flag has been used as a symbol by the gay community for decades, and we've had it in the Unicode emoji library since 2016. Meanwhile, the trans community has been eagerly anticipating the inclusion of their own symbol, the baby blue and light pink striped flag.

Vector modern transgender flag background

Unicode has yet to incorporate the trans flag into the emoji library but in the mean time, British transgender activists are claiming the new lobster emoji as their own symbol coupled with the hashtag #ClawsOutForTrans to raise awareness for the importance of trans inclusion. The group 'Lobsters Against Transphobia' created a video explaining the importance of the flag's inclusion in Unicode's library and the reasoning behind co-opting the lobster emoji.

“Emojis are a way for the world to connect and trans people shouldn’t be left out of the conversation,” the group said in their online push. “Unicode granted the lobster emoji proposal, which argued that people suffered ‘frustration and confusion’ at having to use a shrimp or crab emoji instead of a lobster. Imagine if that was your gender. Surely we deserve the same rights you have afforded crustaceans?”

Mainers were beyond thrilled at the inclusion of the lobster to the emoji library, spearheaded by Cape Elizabeth native Luke Holden of Luke's Lobster. According to the Press Herald, Holden fully supports the online campaign to co-opt the lobster.

“Lobster is for everyone,” the Cape Elizabeth native said by email. “So until Unicode does right by the trans community, we fully support using the lobster emoji to advocate for their right to be represented.”

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