Anyone can link up with a real estate agent and list a home for sale on the usual go-to real estate websites. And in those listings, anyone can plaster up pictures of every single room in the house and the yard and call it a day.

But not everyone can do a..."killer" job in making a listing epic. But Tom Bolduc of Keller Williams Realty went the extra mile for this Weare, New Hampshire listing that's been on the market for four days at 73 Guys Lane.

Michael Myers from Halloween

Whether it was capitalizing on the fact that we're officially into Halloween season or even the fact that the final movie from the Halloween franchise, Halloween Ends, drops on October 14 in theaters and on Peacock, this listing truly goes the extra mile. It's not that often you hear someone call a real estate listing fun, but -- this listing is fun as hell.

Because in every single picture of the listing, Michael Myers appears in some way, shape, or form. Whether he's lurking just barely out of sight, whether he's reaching for a knife, or even if he's channeling his inner sexy model -- he's in every single picture of the listing.

Can you find him in every picture? And on top of that -- does this rustic home look like your next (or forever) home?

Michael Myers of 'Halloween' Is Hiding in Every Photo for This New Hampshire Home Listing

What a fun listing! Can you find Michael in every single picture?

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